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The term English saddle encompasses several types, including those used for show jumping and hunt seat, dressage, and all purpose riding. We are your best source of a wide array of English saddles offering options for all of these English riding disciplines.

The differences between the styles of
English saddles are small but significant. The most important distinctions are the location and therefore the balance of the seat, and the flap length and shape. A saddle used for a discipline where the rider sits more upright with a longer leg, such as in dressage, has a flap that is longer to accommodate the leg, and less inclined forward (as the knee does not need to go forward). The seat will also be closer to the withers, to keep the rider's center of gravity in the correct spot. However, in disciplines where the rider needs shorter stirrups for better balance and security, such as in the jumping disciplines, the saddle flap is moved proportionately forward and shortened, and the seat is moved further back. A jumping saddle will have a shorter and more forward flap than a dressage saddle, with the seat slightly more towards the cantle.

Supportive padding in the seat, size and shape of knee rolls and the use of additional blocks behind the leg is also considered when developing a saddle. A saddle used for jumping or eventing may have more padding to help give the rider support over fences. Another development is the monoflap saddle, in which the thickness of leather between the rider and the horse is reduced, giving a closer feel while still protecting the horse's skin from straps.

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