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Do you like competition at the fast-paced level of English Show Jumping and Hunting classes? We have a great collection of English Hunter and Jumping saddles, pads, girths, and martingales satisfying every need. Take a look now!
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English show jumping, hunter, and hunt seat equitation all require specialized equipment, and we are your number one source for this tack. We carry English jumping saddles, bridles, pads and martingales. Please take a moment to look around.

English show jumping competitors use a very forward style of English saddle, most often the "close contact" design, which has a forward flap and a seat and cantle that is flatter than saddles designed for general all-purpose English Riding or Dressage. This construction allows greater freedom of movement for the rider when in a jumping position and allows a shorter stirrup, allowing the rider to lighten the seat on the horse.

Riders in jumping, hunting, and hunt seat equitation often use "fitted" fleece pads that are the same shape as the saddle.

Bridles may be used with any style of cavesson noseband, and there are few rules regarding the severity of this equipment. The figure-8 cavesson is the most popular type.

Martingales are very common, especially on horses used at the Grand Prix level. The majority of jumpers are ridden in running martingales since these provide the most freedom over fences. Breastplates also are common, used to keep the saddle in place as the horse goes over large fences.

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