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English Dressage Bridles

The dressage horse generally uses the snaffle bridle type, especially the "Figure 8" models, but there are times that double bridles can be used. We have a host of English Dressage Bridles from which you can choose - some of them with bling browbands. Get shopping!
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We are your number one source for top quality English Dressage Bridles and carry a wide variety of bridles to suit the level tests in which you compete. We understand that your horse's comfort and health are paramount and strive to provide a wide variety. We strive to offer the latest technology available in English Dressage Bridles while keeping up with the changing rules regarding their design.

A variety of bridle types can be used as English Dressage Bridles depending on the level of the test. For early levels, a plain snaffle bridle is required with a regular cavesson, a dropped noseband, a flash noseband (a combination of a cavesson noseband and a dropped noseband attachment) or a crossed noseband. With some exceptions, the headstall and cavesson/ noseband of the bridle must be made entirely of leather or leather-like material. A padded cavesson/ noseband and crownpiece are allowed, and a browband is required. In other levels a simple double bridle with bit and curb chain can be used. The rules regarding the type of bridles and materials used in various sections of the English Dressage Bridle change often - check on the latest ruling before choosing your perfect English Dressage Bridle.

Be sure to bookmark our site for future reference. We are constantly looking for new English Dressage Bridles to fit your every need and level. We want to hear from our valued customers. If you have a favorite English Dressage Bridle that you think we should carry, please let us know. We understand that you may need a variety of these bridles for different requirements.

As always we are committed to the best customer service possible. Please drop us a line at any time; take a look at the Contact page to find out how to reach us. In the meantime enjoy our great collection of English Dressage Bridles. We are pleased for your business and glad that you stopped by.