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English Bits

Our English snaffle and curb bits & accessories cover a wide area of uses - correction bits, Pelham bits, loose ring bits, hunter bits, and roller bits.
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We are your number one source for top quality English bits and carry a wide variety of both curb and snaffle bits. We understand that your horse's comfort and health are paramount and strive to provide a wide variety. We strive to offer the latest technology available in English bits allowing you to work with your horse under a plethora of conditions.

Be sure to bookmark our site for future reference. We are constantly looking for new English bits to fit your every need. We want to hear from our valued customers. If you have a favorite bit that you think we should carry, please let us know. We understand that you may need a variety of bits for different requirements. Take a look at our smooth and stronger snaffle bits, including Waterford bits. If you need a leveraged bit for saddle seat or high level dressage competition, consider our Pelham or Kimberwick bits.

Your goal should be to ride using the simplest bit that you can. If your horse needs something stronger to temporarily teach him not to run at jumps or take off out in a field it is entirely possible that he will learn from this and be able to switch back to a smooth snaffle English bit at some point. If he gets excessively keyed up only at competitions or outside the arena where your safety would be at risk without some extra brakes, then by all means use them.

Some horses do best when rotating between English bits as they can become dull to the same one over time. This is why many riders keep a tack trunk full of different bits since what works one day may not work the next.

As always we are committed to the best customer service possible. Please drop us a line at any time. In the meantime enjoy our great collection of bits. We are pleased for your business and glad that you stopped by.