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Diamond Wool Pad Co.

Saddle pads are Diamond Wool's only product. They are focused and dedicated to improving and developing pads to meet your specific needs. Diamond Wool's pads are based on Wool Felt. Next to your horse there is nothing better than a Diamond Wool® Pad. And these pads are hand-crafted in the United States.
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Diamond Wool Pad Co. is "The Natural Choice" for saddle pads. When Diamond Wool Pad Co. began the saddle pad business in 1992 the market at that time mainly consisted of low quality and imported saddle pads. Long ago, saddle pads were constructed using natural fibers. After extensive analysis, we decided to develop a line of saddle pads using wool as the main component. With a dedicated commitment to providing saddle pads manufactured using domestic materials and craftsmanship, Diamond Wool® saddle pads have become a well respected and trusted choice of horse enthusiasts around the world.